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Reservations for new clients are through my reservation form.

Other inquires OhCeciliaDahl@gmail.com.

Scheduling 1-2 weeks in advance is preferred (more is better). My schedule is often fully booked 2-3 weeks out. Same day requests are ignored.

Outcall accommodations (in Austin) must be 4-5 star (as is my incall).

Touring dates are highly unlikely (but would require a 50% cash deposit).

Flying me to you is a better bet (requiring first class airfare + 5 star hotel expense + 50% deposit, all in advance) with minimum $4,000 honorarium.

Verification is through 1 of 2 methods (#2 preferred):

  1. Two provider references with links to their websites (or two P411.com okays)
  2. Your name, employer, company website, office main phone + your extension

I understand the discomfort of sharing personal information. It is outweighed by the discomfort I would feel risking safety by bypassing this step. If this is an issue for you we are incompatible. (That said, if you're retired and have no references, contact me to discuss.)

My honorarium for new clients is cash only. You may place it inside a card+envelope to give me while at dinner. Please don't feel awkward about this. Women frequently receive anniversary or birthday cards and bystanders think nothing of it. Also it's important that you embrace the dynamics of our unconventional relationship. If you don't enjoy your supportive role in my life, there is no place for you in it.

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