Cecilia Luxury Gentleman's Companion

Frequently Asked:

Do you see women or couples?

Do you see men of color or disabled men?

What if I absolutely can't be seen out in public on a date?
Discretion is my #1 priority (fun #2). On rare occasions I will arrange a "hotel room picnic" of slightly shorter duration than standard dinner dates. Please be prepared to pay for room service with cash (and tip well), plus, at my discretion, for 1-2 songs of slow dancing (with me, not the room service guy). 

What do you like to eat?
I'm a pescatarian (seafood only, no meat) and enjoy fish for lunch or dinner. Otherwise I adhere to a raw food diet (nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies). If neither appeal to you, don't worry. Most fine dining establishments have a seafood option, even steakhouses. My beverage preference is sparkling water (Pellegrino, Voss, Fiji).

Why are you telling me the brands of water you drink?
Private time can be thirsty business and I don't drink tap water. If I have to wait on room service I may get bored, sneak onto your computer and update your Facebook status for funzies. (I'm kidding about the Facebook thing, not about the water, which I prefer chilled, thanks.)

How do you dress?
Cocktail dresses, sundresses, or dressy jeans & blouse. I'm usually in high heels (3-4") although have lower (or flats) if requested. I'll dress up or down depending on activity and your preference, or in business attire when required for discretion.

Will you wear my favorite lingerie, garters & stockings, etc.?
I delight in accommodating the desires of regular clients. If our first date goes well you can make special requests for the second (with a 67% chance of getting it).

Are you available for dates other than dinner or drinks?
On dates of 5+ hours I enjoy museums, concerts, boating, tubing, picnics, billiards, skating, swimming, pro sports (indoor preferred), car shows, auctions, sightseeing, and dancing (smoke free establishments only).

Will you come to a business dinner posing as my girlfriend or "civilian" date?
This falls outside of the scope of what I offer as a companion, requiring backstory (lying) and interacting with multiple strangers as someone I am not. The extra effort requires extra consideration (double basically, so $1,000 per hour spent at the event).

Do you do "overnights"?
My daytime packages range from 2 to 9 hours and the next package up is 24 hours (up to 4 days in a row). My 24 hour(+) packages obviously include staying overnight, however, I head to bed at 10pm, no exceptions, and am not available again until 10am. To most escort clients "overnight" means being actively engaged during those later hours, which I am not due to being asleep in my own (separate) room. 

Why haven't you replied to my email?
I don't reply to vague, vulgar, or last minute requests. That said, sometimes emails just disappear into the ether. If you think that happened please resend.

May I see more pictures?
If these aren't enough may I suggest you leave my site and try surfing the Internet (I hear it has porn).

Can we meet "just for coffee" or to "hang out"?
I'm a professional companion. Now, please go look up the word 'professional,' slap yourself across the face and never ask me that question again.

About deposits...?
Yes, they are mandatory, no exceptions. For more on this, please read my blog posts  "No Deposit, No Cake" and "Risk & Reason" (dated August 22, 2012 and February 22, 2014).

What happens if you get sick or must cancel for any reason?
I haven't had so much as a cold since 2007. I've had to cancel one date my entire career (since 2010), which I did within a day of making it (meaning significant advance notice). I'll do cartwheels to ensure fair and secure interactions. I'll also do cartwheels for the hell of it. (They're fun!)

Why don't you have any reviews?
My dates are primarily about intimacy so reviews are completely antithetical to the way I (and my patrons) approach them. Each engagement develops organically into a unique experience and a very personal relationship as opposed to some formulaic, scripted performance. That said, I'm everything any reasonable, virile man would expect on a fun date with an experienced, sensual woman.

Any pet peeves I should know about?
Please don't touch my face. I have delicate skin and the natural oils and germs on your hands wreak havoc on my complexion. Also, if you put your tongue in my ear I will recoil and shriek loud enough to burst your eardrums. (For the record, kiss my neck the right way and I'll melt at your feet.)

If I were to buy you a gift...?
I consider our quality time together the best gift possible, but if you insist, I appreciate VivaDaySpa.com gift cards, Jimmy Choo & Louboutin shoes (size 38-39 / US 8-8.5), and ethically sourced diamonds (all sizes ;)).

Do we have to set specific time frames? I don't want to feel like this is all business...
My profession may be of a very personal nature but it's also my livelihood and I'd no sooner turn over its reins than I'd turn over a toy store to a child. Think about it this way. Therapy is also of an intensely personal nature but a psychologist would consider open-ended sessions in exchange for discreet cash "gifts" to be as absurd as I do. Toys are fun; therapists are caring; I am both. I am also a businesswoman and if you have an issue with that, find someone else to enable it.

Why are you so passionate about this?
Re-framing the transactional nature of professional companionship implies there's something wrong with it. Exchanging security for nurturing is a beautiful and blessed thing. If you don't see that, I can't be with you.

Other companions indulge my fantasy about this so why won't you?
I cannot engage authentically with someone caught up in a fantasy. You can have a real experience with me or a fake experience with someone else's persona. It's completely up to you.

What if we spend too much time at dinner with slow service or in heavy traffic?
I wouldn't dream of allowing that sort of thing to cut short our private time so I always adjust for those events, partly out of respect for my patrons but also because I don't want to be rushed either. I fully intend to enjoy myself as much as you're going to.

Is there one thing all potential patrons should know yet many do not?
Grooming does not stop at the ankles. It is never okay to have dead, scaly heels or long, jagged, toenails. Not ever. Not in this universe, not for any amount of money, not for any reason under the sun is this kind of oversight acceptable. And on behalf of women everywhere, may I just say, for the love of all that is holy, get a pedicure. They cost $50 and take less than an hour. Jesus.

Do you feel better now?
I do, actually, thanks.

Has anyone ever told you that you can be somewhat imperious?
I'd say that's a little overblown.

Maybe you're a little overblown.
Okay, I think we're done here--

Fine. Any final thoughts, Cecilia?
I think you'll find that in person I'm exceptionally warm, relaxed, and more lighthearted than this page suggests, and that's partly due to getting potential conflicts and issues out of the way here, ahead of time. Thank you for having read all the way through.