Ingenuity in the age of SESTA/FOSTACategory: NayFOSTA   Aug 28th 2018  07:35PM   0

The times they are a changing...and yet the ladies are one step ahead. New laws and regulations have turned the industry upside-down, but we're not going away (we're just thinking outside the box).

I won't go much into to it here other than to say, if you believe in safe, sane, consensual sex work, and want to see our community thrive as it works to provide a valuable service during very uncertain times, please take a moment to read about this great idea of Mss Erin Black's. Do what you can to support the industry as our resources diminish and disappear, and support systems get outright banned.

It's been a difficult year for a great many of my colleagues. I'm sliding toward retirement with one foot out the door, but I'm also impressed no end with the ingenuity and resilience of the next generation. I intend to support sex workers and their rights for many years to come. As part of that effort, starting now, I'm using this hashtag on Twitter & on my site:  #NayFOSTA

Look it up, pass it on, and never ever give up.

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