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For most of the past 6.5 years I've worked many evenings and weekends. Because my style of companionship is a true dating experience, most clients became regulars, for weekly or monthly dinner dates and weekend trips. 

These days I'm working almost 7 days a week at my day job, the new business I started last spring that's basically exploding. As of this month I must also apply myself to generating an author platform and early tasks related to book promotion. My book isn't due for release till late this year, but getting a head start is recommended, not to mention the edits and manuscript polishing required by my publisher. 

Point being, there's little time left for Cecilia or her loyal regulars. As for new clients I reject 2 of every 3 requests due to their last-minute, offhand/superficial nature. Also, I find so few of these men appealing. Whereas in the past most new clients were exceptionally charming and sophisticated*, these days they're pedestrian and unimpressive. That said, last year I met a few stellar clients via P411, and had surprisingly intense chemistry with each of them.

Genuine chemistry is rare in this business because it requires authenticity. Clients tend to be open and honest with me because they sense I "get" them and am trustworthy. Over the past 6-7 years, I too have become more open and trusting. I think some women shut down to a degree, over years working as escorts. I don't blame them, and I consider myself quite privileged to have such high quality clients. My day job is such that clients of lesser means can afford to see me, and while I'm happy my new work benefits them, I've had to bite my tongue a few times in regard their substandard habits (and other times had to initiate "a talk" about it). Thank god my new job doesn't require the intimacy of professional companionship. If it did, some of these day job clients would never get through the door. 

The real problem is how little time or energy is left by 6pm, when I used to be available for dinner dates. As for weekends, those are mostly out entirely. With my day job I have 2 new weekend regulars, both paid up through spring. I also need to accommodate the occasional 2-3 day intensive appointments, for out-of-town clients. That's been another wonderful surprise, having day job clients fly in from all over the country to see me. I finally had to raise my rates to stem the tide a bit, and make room for manuscript edits (due in February). 

The point of this post is to both express gratitude and explain why I'm less available as a companion these days. Mainly, as a reminder that midday trysts lasting 2 hours (or so) tend to fit my schedule best. Evenings and travel are possible only with significant advance notice, prepayment, and screening. I occasionally find a sudden pocket of time when a day job client cancels on short notice. In those rare cases I post "Available Now" on Eros, Slixa, and P411. Typically the slot gets filled within the hour; P411 members being prescreened and with their own profiles for me to learn a little about them. Men who email me off Eros without viewing my site or providing screening information, requesting same day or short notice appointments, are not likely to get a reply much less an hour of my time. 

Thanks for the interest ... I guess? But if you really want to see me before I retire in November, get prescreened on P411, be prepared to provide screening info AND deposit within 24 hours, and/or book 2 weeks in advance (minimum). Regular patrons and lunchtime dates are prioritized, but all new gents MUST be screened. Not sure why that's such a big deal these days. Do you really want to see an escort who lets any low-end slob through unscreened? (Pro tip: No, you don't.)

*Shout-out to Sweet P, Mandy, & GDawg ... you 3 will go down in history.

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