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I keep my marketing to a minimum for two reasons. One, I prefer to keep my number of patrons to a minimum. And two, for professional companionship there exists a bare minimum of tasteful sites on which to advertise. Currently, I have profiles posted on three of them (Eros, Slixa, and a Sugardaddy site) as well as two verification sites (P411 and Date-Check). I've also traded banner links with about a dozen other ladies (and one gent), but that's it

Which, sadly, does not mean my image, profile, and content aren't repeatedly stolen and slapped up slipshod over countless other sites, both by lazy escorts trying to pass off my carefully constructed phrasing as their own, as well as tacky ad malls looking for quick filler and profit. In the 16 months since my site went live, it's been hacked up, pieced out, and smeared all across the ether by greedy, opportunistic strangers (and a couple personal acquaintances) with absolutely no concern for my autonomy or agency, much less my dignity.

Chasing down escort culprits is exhausting enough, but most content thieves are based outside the states, leaving me no legal recourse. So I confront the offenders I can reach, ignore the rest, and become even more grateful for the people in my life who actually respect my boundaries. Still, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't disheartening to see my image surrounded by vulgar, degrading, and even violent sexual imagery, so completely antithetical to what I'm about.

Even if they were upscale sites my image is mine alone and no one has a right to it without my permission. But until the legal system catches up with technology there's little I can do but ignore it. Till then, please note I've absolutely NOT authorized ads on any site with hardcore graphics or domains incorporating terms xxx, sex, foreplay, girls/girlz/grrls, or (my personal fave) "oriental-horny-hotties" (sigh).

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