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Using my blog to recommend someone else's business service is out of character for me, but I'm making an exception for a cause I believe in championed by a woman I trust and respect. 

Morgan Susan Taylor is an Austin sex therapist with a new Process Therapy Group for Sex Workers (open to sex educators and anyone working in the sex industry). It was described to me like this:

This is a process therapy group for individuals who work in the sex industry, like what they do but who sometimes experience shame, isolation or feel like they have to live a dual lifestyle.  It is a sex positive supportive environment where participants receive support and acceptance, heal shame, avoid isolation and learn to advocate for rights based healthcare services. 

It is open to all genders, sexual orientations and sex work professions.

There was a time, many years ago, my boundaries were not so clear and firm, and working in the sex industry at that time caused me real and lasting emotional damage. When I left the business at age 31 it was with plenty of baggage in the form of shame, emotional walls, rage, resentment, and confusion. Eight years passed before I was able to return to this work with clarity, wisdom, joy, and positivity. 

While my past issues may not be universal, they're far from uncommon in this business (and there are plenty of others to go around). Even when the issue belongs to someone else (partners, family, society, etc.), guess who also gets stuck dealing with it and dragging their baggage around? Us!

Anyway, you can find out more about Morgan and her therapy group at the site listed below. For what it's worth I've been in therapy for 15 years (not with Morgan, whom I've just met recently) and highly recommend it, to anyone, not just sex workers. This business is unique in that it's a profession of an incredibly personal nature. It can be a rewarding, joyful livelihood and lifestyle with zero baggage, but it can also take effort to get there. That, and a little qualified, professional guidance along the way.












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