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I'll be brief.

So, it's been an interesting couple of years and by interesting I mean hell. Turns out I need a 4th rhinoplasty and that my Houston surgeon isn't the badass I thought he was. No less than three Austin MDs misdiagnosed a hormonally triggered auto-immune condition that went from painful to excruciating to Dear-God-kill-me-now before I solved the mystery myself in October with three straight days of online research. As for those pesky hormones, I have faced and been bested by my own personal white whale and concluded all the good and evil in the universe resides in the ratio of my estrogen / progesterone. 

Meanwhile, business has been slowly dying (for me and every companion I know), then low and behold Prince Charming arrived when I met my perfect benefactor. It was a win-win situation straight out of the movies, until his cancer diagnosis killed it days before signing legal papers that would've made me a multimillionaire.

Oh well, such is life. Have I mentioned I'm resilient as hell?

On a brighter note, I wrote a book (two, actually, but one is crap and doesn't count), then got a hot shit, big time literary agent and a contract with the coolest boutique publisher around.

See, the "art" I mention on my homepage is a fine art, as in writing, hunched over a keyboard for hours, days, and weeks at a time. In 10 years I've had numerous short stories, articles, essays, and poems published in print and online (also photography, once) and penned three highly placed screenplays in contests that don't pay a dime. But I will soon be a published author with a series of books on the shelves. In the meantime I need $20,000 to fix my goddamn nose and wonder if a GoFundMe page would help. (I'm not getting a GoFundMe page and I already have $20,000.)

I am throwing myself back into work while simultaneously building an author platform and launching a third business. I've spent most of this year getting it going and it's starting to take off. It's something I love doing and am very passionate about. 

In short, life is good. Getting better all the time. It's also busy and I'm working around the clock. As soon as I find time expect new pics posted. And hold onto your hats, boys, because despite the ongoing rhino-saga I look better than ever. 

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