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One of my dearest patrons took me ice skating last week. There's a seasonal rink in Houston where kids of all ages can circle the ice all day long, under blue skies in balmy weather to the tunes of U2 and Elton John in the background. I haven't ice skated in 20 years, not since a ski trip to the Swiss Alps where my then-boyfriend twisted his knee and spent most of our vacation watching me skate on a nearby frozen pond (as well as do some serious damage in the nearby Zurich shops). So, a rather long time for me, and yet my patron practically grew up on hockey blades, so with his arm around my waist I didn't fall once. In fact, it was so much fun my face literally hurt from smiling and laughing.

Last summer another patron spent the weekend with me in Austin, indulging in favorite local activities like viewing the Congress Ave bridge bats and tubing down the Guadalupe. At one point I grabbed the end of a long, fallen branch while he grabbed the other and we spun each other's tubes around like mad atop the surface of the water. It felt like Disneyland's Teacup ride but better because it was easy, wet and just the two of us out there acting like kids.

A few years ago, one of my patrons took me to New Orleans where we attended an NBA game, and that sneaky little devil managed to get us into vacated floor seats for the fourth (breathtakingly close) quarter. I recently had a picnic in Brazos Bend Park complete with bird watching (although, sadly, no alligator sightings), went parasailing (where I discovered that brief moments of terror can really make a gal appreciate the man sitting next to her), and was given private dance lessons (one of the most romantic things ever).

No matter what the activity, wrapping up a date in the privacy of a hotel room is always more intimate and enjoyable after spending time doing other things together first. Even if it's sharing a quiet, luxurious meal, talking, laughing and touching hands...just like with a real girlfriend. The point is, if you want an amazing GFE, take your companion sailing, skating, or hot air ballooning*. It just might be the best "girlfriend experience" you've ever had.

*Unless you try to go ballooning with me, in which case my fear of heights will make it no fun for either of us. 

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