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One reason my experience as a companion has been so overwhelmingly positive is that I eliminate most headaches before they start. I'm discerning and a good judge of character. I pick up on clues other people miss. Everyone has their strengths and that is one of mine. It doesn't hurt to be 47 years old, an age by which an observant woman has learned to spot asshats at a thousand paces. 

Also, my website and marketing are designed to weed out undesirables, usually without any correspondence at all. If a boundary crosser or entitled jerk wants a companion to push around or take advantage of, one read-through is enough to make him move on. I'm clearly too much trouble for a guy like that. 

Once in a while an asshat slips through, usually only long enough to waste 30 minutes of my time exchanging half a dozen emails. I can usually spot them in 3 or less ... but not always. Sometimes I get schooled. 

Recently, I received a carefully worded and exceedingly polite email from a man who claimed to have been "admiring" me for months. In the same introductory email he inquired how to arrange a date. His subject line was about wanting to "start a dialogue." My first thought was he'd just awoken from a 99 year sleep brought on by some ancient curse, and perhaps didn't realize our "dialogue" would take place after I've been paid and we're sitting across the table from each other at Trulucks or Fearings, sipping Pellegrino and sharing a crab cake appetizer. No problem, I thought. I'll fill him in.

I asked if he'd read any of my (oh so helpful and created for that exact purpose) website. Apparently he'd yet to take one look. He'd found a short profile I'd posted on another advertising site. A brief teaser, really, one which states very clearly:

"Please see my website for instructions on how to arrange a date with me."

I gave him the benefit of the doubt because his approach was otherwise respectful ... a facade he kept up during the verification process until I gave him deposit instructions, at which point he balked. Citing the absence of any posted reviews about me, he was suspicious that I was "real" and not a scam of some sort. He actually asked how he could verify me. When I finished laughing, I told him that if he was genuinely unable to glean a clear picture of my personality, style, process, and painfully blatant authenticity from my website, gallery, and extensive blog, he wasn't discerning enough to date me in the first place. 

Insisting potential clients read the basics of my site is actually Level 1 of my verification process. I weed out a lot of asshats with those clearly stated policies. My insistence on healthy boundaries and respectful interaction is all over this thing! Why anyone would contact me without reading it is beyond me. Why anyone would contact me AFTER reading it (and disagreeing with it) absolutely stupefies me. 

Firstly, the men I see don't need or want reviews. If you insist on them, you're not the kind of man I would see. But thanks for playing (and wasting my valuable time ...sigh).

Secondly, if you think it's uncommon or rare for women like me to receive thousands in cash overnighted from total strangers, you're wrong. Total strangers have texted or emailed me their AmEx card info within 48 hours of initiating contact. I've received up to $15k in cash from overseas within 72 hours, no phone call or query about reviews. The men I see are savvy, thoughtful, and busy. They read my site, like what they see, trust what I've portrayed, and want to move forward smoothly and quickly.

They know how to read and how to analyze what they've read. They don't just respect me and my time, they respect their own. If you don't, move on ... you're not ready yet. You don't have what it takes to be with a woman like me. 

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