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Here's my version of a public service announcement: 

My site was hacked this weekend, as were a few other connected sites (that I know of). Could've been a random thing or targeted at us specifically....who knows. As much as we ladies spend on marketing, if our Eros or Slixa ads don't point to a live site, it's wasted. Check your site daily and change your passwords regularly (though FYI, I did and do, and got hacked anyway ... sigh).

This second issue is more common. Recently my parents received a phone call from a drunk woman rambling on about their "whore" daughter. That night, I received a number of drunken threats from the same woman, all about outing me and turning me in to "The Feds" (I've no idea how many drunken calls "The Feds" got, but if you're reading this, "The Feds," please fill us in).

Long story short, my main patron from 2011 never deleted our emails, then allowed his new (drunken) companion to read them. She deduced a rough estimate of the crazy money he spent on our relationship, became enraged, then got my legal name and Googled it to harass my family.

This story could've turned out much uglier than it did* (I'm already out to my family; most escorts are not, obviously) but the point is: DELETE YOUR EMAILS. Hackers abound, as do drunken trailer trash "companions." Even if you have nothing to lose, the other party might and it's your RESPONSIBILITY to protect their privacy.

Familial connections are often fragile things (mine included). I don't need drunken strangers messing with those relationships, plus, no one in their 70s needs "your daughter is a whore" phone calls. (Seriously, my folks are lovely people ... what the hell?) Also, I think "The Feds" have more important things to do than round up suspected "whores" who may or may not have exchanged their time and companionship for a few bucks years ago (okay, a lot of bucks ... like, TONS OF BUCKS). At least I hope they do ... maybe I'll hear from them soon and find out (Hi boys! Keep up the good work ... I guess?).

I think for most of us this is common sense but it's easy to slip up and be lazy or forgetful. Let's be careful out there. (Also, have some self respect and don't call my parents. What the hell is wrong with you ... were you raised by wolves?)

*Suffice it to say, lawyers got involved, and if you don't think someone like me is on a first name basis with a significant portion of more than one state bar association, you don't know much about upscale companions or lawyers.


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