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Earlier this year I received an email request from a man claiming to be Cliff Burnstein, manager of rocker Rob DeLeo from the band Stone Temple Pilots. He says his client found my Eros ad and was so enamored he’d instructed this “Cliff” to immediately arrange a 2-3 day engagement with me in Florida. I researched both gents online but after corresponding with “Cliff” through email and phone calls over the next 24 hours, and failing to secure my required 50% deposit, I gave up and declined the date altogether.

It was a little disappointing because I happen to think Rob DeLeo and I would get along fabulously, but policies are policies and boundaries are boundaries (sigh) and I simply do not travel without a deposit. Not for anyone, not millionaires, not rock stars, not the Dalai freaking Lama. No deposit, no Cecilia.

Anyway, recently, an escort friend mentioned this con man from Florida, about whom some other gals had posted on an escort forum. Apparently, he's robbed a number of the ladies by claiming to manage various rock stars, convincing them to come to Florida (sometimes buying them airline tickets on stolen credit cards from other, previously scammed ladies) and then stealing their cash, credit cards, and even a car in one case. He’s been arrested repeatedly (I found 4 mug shots, 3 from this year alone) but is always set free to do it again and again. This cowardly predator, Robert M. Weiner, is preying on vulnerable, hard-working young women, at least in part to support a crack (&/or Meth) habit.

Yesterday I received the following email, almost identical to the one I originally got from "Cliff" (my reply is below too; I couldn’t resist):

Hello, my name is Don Grierson, artist rep for development, with In De Goot management. [...] One of are [sic] clients is Morgan Rose, the drummer for the band Sevendust. Morgan was recently in Dallas [...] seen your ad and wanted to try and set up an overnight meeting with you then. [...] He apparently saved your info and has forwarded it to me, to see if you are [available] to go and see him in South Florida where he has recently purchased a house and a few cars. I am willing to guarantee you a two day minimum to make it worth your time and trouble. I don't know what your fee for a day is, but we can discuss that when we speak. FYI this could go a bit longer (depending on how well the two of you get along as well as his/your schedule.) [...] You can reach me @ [blah, blah, blah...]

My reply:

Dear Robert, Please put down the crack pipe and go to bed. Jesus loves you. ~Cecilia

For the record, I have no idea how Jesus feels about Robert Weiner, nor do I care. Jesus doesn't have to deal with the daily threat of assault and robbery for choosing to earn a living through consensual erotic labor under archaic laws in an oppressive, puritanical patriarchy. Jesus was probably a very nice chap. Forgiving too, certainly more so than I am when I say I hope they lock up this Weiner creep and throw away the key.

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