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There are pros and cons to aging.* I don't have the energy I once did, but am smarter about how I expend it. I have to spend more on skin care, but at this point can easily afford it. It's harder to reinvent oneself or make new friends in your 40s, and yet I've never loved myself more or cared less what others think. 

One thing no one warned me about is the feminine stuff ... you know, hormones and such. Cycles get wonky, testosterone levels drop, etc. Thank goodness for modern medicine, bio-identicals, and Suzanne Somers (don't laugh; her books may save your ass someday, and by ass I mean your entire middle-aged body).

The most delightful surprise, though, is what's going on with "The Girls" (@)(@). Seriously, they've never looked better, and the way they fluctuate in size every few weeks is a downright adventure. Their shape hasn't changed in 30 years (I have pictures, no lie....identical), but right this very moment, at my ideal weight of 120 pounds, "The Girls" have suddenly blossomed from a B- to the (near) C of my 30s. Checkout the side-boob on my new candid pics (green bikini). Now if I can just get my ass to similarly fill out, I'm golden (not like Betty White "golden" but you know what I mean).

*except for sex, which just gets better and better and better and better...(no lie, it's worth every single downside of aging there is).  

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