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I planned to blog some thoughts on gratitude this week, and then discovered Avery Moore had beat me to it. Since there are worse things in life than overdosing on gratitude, I'll add my .02 cents anyway. 

To me, gratitude is a form of prayer. I was raised to practice the traditional way, on my knees, quietly, mentally sending nightly lists of stuff I either wanted ("please?") or already got ("thanks!") to some ancient, sky-residing deity. These days, the way I say "please" and "thanks" is through feeling inspired and grateful.

Gratitude occupies the space between arrogance and martyrdom. When something wonderful happens, to feel either entitled or undeserving would be ego-driven and self-centered. Instead, a simple feeling of gratitude is like an energetic "thanks" put out to the Universe. 

Inspiration is the recognition of something better—someone better—inside of me, a stronger, smarter, more creative Cici. It illuminates my potential and opens up the space to grow, evolve, and expand in that direction. It sparks desire and longing, which is an energetic "Please?" sent to the Universe. 

Energy doesn't die; it only changes form. Actions, words, thoughts, and emotions are all energy. Gratitude and inspiration energetically generate abundance. That's the true meaning of karma, as well as the real power of prayer. It's also a damn sight easier on the knees than the alternative.

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