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Escorts have asked my advice for years. I happily shared my knowledge and experience until discovering how few women really "get" it. How few were willing to make the effort and do the work required to improve their lot. I'm no longer available to help or advise women who want a quick fix for slow biz or some "super secret" marketing tips.

I don't have them; they don't exist. My success stems from my companionship, not my marketing. 

The escorts I hear from have little in common with me. They use a persona. They provide a superficial service, usually for an hour, to men they don't know and don't want to know. It's legitimate work but it's not what I do. They click on my Honorarium page and that's all they care about...the money.

This is who I hear from:

Women with:  tacky websites, no websites, graphic reviews, graphic nudity, low quality pictures, spelling errors, stolen ad copy, generic ad copy, countless links on low-end/tacky sex sites.

Asking how to:  succeed without touring, go from hourly to multi-hour rates, avoid reviews (without sacrificing the business those reviews garner), attract wealthier and more loyal patrons, or (my favorite) "be treated like the upscale escort [they really are]." 

Here's my advice, once and for all: If you want an upscale image BE UPSCALE. If you want upscale rates BE UPSCALE.

Whether you call yourself elite, luxury, high-class, high-end, goddess or courtesan, forget the subjective semantics, and know this. There is a difference between high-end and high-priced. Most ladies are seeking from me the secrets of a high-priced escort. I'm not high priced, I'm just good at what I do. And what I do is not low-end, mainstream, indoor hourly sex work. My patrons pay well to keep me around all day or all week because they like me and crave my company. We have a relationship and genuine connection. It's a simple concept. Not easy, simple. 

The problem these escorts have can't be addressed with marketing. It starts with the work. There's a demand for superficial physical labor and short/hourly dates. My more emotionally intimate style may be niche but the need exists or I wouldn't be here. Consider this. To justify longer minimum time frames, offer something with more depth. Again, simple, not easy.

Mainstream escorts have a one dimensional approach (physical) as opposed to holistic (emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual). Mainstream escorts must structure rates around what the market will bear. I don't need clients to tell me what I'm worth. I know what I'm worth, so I post those (higher) rates and then let the right gents find me. 

My approach, by the way, is by far the harder route. It requires the value to be there already. I spent 46 years building that value. Maybe if you, too, build it they will come. All I know is, to build an upscale business, you must start as an upscale person.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, I can only say what it means to me, but since you asked:


  1. caring about clients
  2. liking clients
  3. giving your all, every time, on every appointment
  4. striving to be better anyway, at every next appointment
  5. being open and heart-centered, emotionally (and physically, safely and within reason)
  6. knowing when to sever ties with a client for disrespect or incompatibility
  7. severing ties with incompatible clients no matter how much they're worth financially
  8. setting and maintaining healthy boundaries
  9. knowing when an apology is due and insisting you get it
  10. knowing when an apology is OWED and insisting you give it
  11. courage & effort
  12. empowerment & integrity


  1. TER
  2. graphic reviews
  3. disrespectful, intrusive, callous behavior
  4. ALLOWING disrespectful, intrusive, callous behavior
  5. faking affection
  6. faking orgasms
  7. numbing out mentally and/or through drinking
  8. having a Masters degree yet not enough brains to brush your hair for bathroom selfies
  9. bathroom selfies with cluttered counters (no one wants to see your q-tip collection, hire a freaking housekeeper)
  10. asking for my advice and then being impatient and contrary when you get it
  11. stealing my ad copy
  12. asking for my help and then stealing my ad copy

Book knowledge, worldliness, style, tact, manners, erotic technique...all that can be taught, but upscale comes from the heart. It takes self-love and healthy boundaries to be high-end. There is no short cut. 

I've severed ties with extremely generous patrons. Some I took back but only after they grew up and earned it. Some didn't and were dumped permanently. Each one represented 10 - 30% of my business. The 30% client was a hard hit but I never looked back. Are you prepared to do that? If a patron is such a drain on you emotionally to compromise your serenity, can you find the courage to end it? If not, you're not upscale. You're weak. Don't bother me.

Did you join TER even though reviews repulse you? Did you make the conscious choice to surrender your self-respect in exchange for more business? If so, good for you, I have no judgment on your business decisions. That said, do you now wish you could escape without the inevitable (temporary) loss of income? Sorry, that's the price I paid to maintain my dignity and reject the review system. My boundaries aren't for sale. Are yours? If so, don't bother me. 

You cannot have it both ways. I sacrificed TER leads from the beginning. I took the risk. I took huge risks. I put in the time. I accepted the possibility I'd never succeed financially. Now I have and you want my secret? I'm supposed to show you a shortcut?


I'm a success because my clients recognize the value of emotional connection. You want high-end gents, be the kind of companion they're looking for. It's not about BBBJ and GFE. It's about HEART.

There's nothing wrong with mainstream escorting, no more than choosing coffee & donuts over fine dining. I like a good jolt of caffeine sometimes too, but everyone pays more for nutritious meals (with dessert, of course). Don't ask me how to earn a 5 course fee when you're offering a donut shop quickie. They're not the same thing.

I was told by more "experienced" escorts that I'd never make it without Eccie or TER (I did).

I was told my website copy and strict policies would scare off clients (they did, thank god).

I know what men need and I truly love providing it. I made a conscious decision to offer a holistic companionship experience, not knowing if anyone wanted it. They did and they do, but I can't teach you how to be me.

You be you. 

I've spent 46 years becoming a fascinating, sophisticated, erotic, compassionate, intelligent, evolved, self-aware, spiritual woman. It took a long ass time.

Do the work. There are no shortcuts. Good luck and Godspeed.

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