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The level of vulnerability required to do this work authenticallymeaning be truly responsive, passionate, and "open" (literally and figuratively)—is not something most men can fathom, much less attain themselves.

(Please don't take that personally, it being the natural order of things within the yin/yang (male/female energy) spectrum.) 

Some men eventually learn how to be tentatively, occasionally vulnerable, after many years as one half of a couple in a committed, monogamous relationship. Approximately zero men base their livelihood on being truly, intimately vulnerable with a multitude of partners, starting from the first date (with an absolute stranger) until however long the relationship lasts. There are male professional companions out there, sure, but their work is not the same as mine. Not by a long shot.

Not only do I wish more clients appreciated the vulnerability required to do this work, I also think the level of risk (physical, financial, emotional, spiritual) I accept on a daily basis is too easily overlooked. Most clients can't or won't see it, yet for professional companions (indeed women everywhere) it's a normal part of daily life. 

It goes both ways, of course. Most women can't or won't see the reality and depth of the typical man's daily struggles, and that's a shame. I think like a man and always have, so I do understand. I empathize deeply with what they go through. It's why I love my work and why my patrons treat me as well as they do.

My patrons top my daily gratitude list. Next to my health, they are the prime focus of my life and I never cease looking for ways to better meet their needs. Those who can't or won't appreciate the reasoning behind my few, simple policies don't understand and appreciate my needs, my work, or healthy relationships in general. 

Intimacy is a two way street, based on trust. If I don't trust that you grasp the magnitude of my offering, the rare and priceless gift of a woman's authentic openness, how could I possibly be intimate—truly intimate—with you?

I try to make the deposit process as simple as possible, I really do. Complaints and resistance have no place here because my vulnerability is not up for negotiation. Neither is my deposit policy.

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