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As mentioned elsewhere on this site, same day requests are ignored. Here is a hopefully helpful list of other types of unwelcome emails I routinely ignore.

From past friends, lovers, acquaintances, or admirers who were unable to find me on Facebook (because I'm not there) or get my contact info from current friends or family (because they know better) and resort to using my website to reach me. If you don't have my phone number or private email address there is a reason. It's probably not personal, but regardless, it takes two to maintain a relationship. Obviously, I'm not interested. Move on.

From aspiring companions requesting mentorship and/or my "secret" to success. Here's all the advice I have for any of you: Upscale is not what you do, it's who you are. If that could be taught it would take decades (and you couldn't afford me).

From past clients who are admittedly incompatible and yet, finding no other companion to be equally "desirable," request another date with me at a discount. (I will say, though, thanks for the laugh.)

From anyone anywhere requesting a discount. You are not amusing. Go away.

From gents who would like the "fly me to you" option and to pay for my required first class flight with their own travel miles. No.

From strangers sharing specific desires concerning my feet. Imagination is a beautiful and blessed thing. Good for you! Indulge those fantasies to your heart's content and feel free to use my image in your sexy little mental playpen. That said, do not involve the real me without my permission. (You do not have my permission.)

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