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I once had a client who cringed when I counted my honorarium in his presence. He said it triggered emotional wounds from his dysfunctional relationship with a withholding father.

I sympathize with a painful childhood. I also recognize the difference between a courtesan and blow-up doll. Men who crave an authentic connection with a passionate woman should look me up. Those with such serious Daddy issues should not.

Before meeting me, this client had for years been blocked (so to speak) from the ability for a certain kind of (ahem) physical release. His issue was psychological, not physical, and I was able to help him overcome it in a remarkably short time. That said, the breakthrough took patience, skill, and no small amount of trust (in me) to achieve. Afterward, he continued to request I count my honorarium in private.

In other words, after benefiting from an exceptional level of professional companionship he felt entitled to continue pretending we were in a real romantic relationship. He saw nothing disrespectful or disingenuous about that behavior. I decided to quit seeing him.

I can't indulge clients who revel in my emotional openness while insisting I cater to their immature whims. Fantasizing that our relationship is something it isn't might spare the fragile male ego, sure. I get that, but discounting the effort and sacrifice I make to do this work doesn't do much for mine. 

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