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Like I said, I got the gams (and a Video page to prove it):

My videographer gives 110% for a fraction of what she's worth. If she keeps waving off my cash tips I may start hiding $50 bills in her empty film canisters. (I'm kidding, I'm almost certain she doesn't use film.) 

We shot "Sink" in a newly remodeled boutique hotel. I like the simple backdrop but the cramped quarters restricted my movements and at some point I'll redo the whole thing. We also didn't shoot enough takes, which is why so many transitions. I pieced together the best shots from takes that didn't accidentally reveal too much of my face, and the result is, well...not as cohesive as I'd hoped. Still, a fun little sliver of a flick, I guess.

We shot "Stroll" on Austin's South Congress Blvd (aka "SoCo") and I rather enjoyed it, which is surprising considering how much I dread regular photo shoots. Maybe I'm more comfortable walking, twirling, and moving in general, than I am posing and fake smiling.

I've never been good at faking things. Sometimes I'll quietly observe a situation rather than be confrontational or impose my will. That doesn't mean I tolerate rude, passive-aggressive, surly, entitled, or patronizing behavior, but I will feed a man enough rope to reveal his character. It pays to know what people are capable of (or incapable, as the case may be). I keep my inner circle small, some might say miniscule. Good help is hard to find. Honor, dependability, discretion....damn near impossible.

My marketing is the foundation of my livelihood, a livelihood that means everything to me. With few years left in this business, every minute, every word, every frame has to count, which, apparently, means doing my own editing. Know-how and resources are meaningless without dedication and attention to detail. (A little grace and social etiquette go a long way too.) I don't have a high-end studio but I have passion for the process, a laptop to beat NASA, and a basic grasp of editing software (which took me one day to learn).

Expect new videos twice a year. The next one, "Swim," will be shot at Barton Springs. If you liked the fab gams wait until you see my abs.

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