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This is just one woman's opinion, but if you're reading it, odds are you're considering kissing her someday, in which case it's the only one that matters. Allow me to break it down for you.



Kissing is done primarily with lips and tongue but the biggest mistake most men make is getting the ratio backward. (If I had a nickel for every time I requested, "More lip, less tongue" I'd be at least $2-3 richer.) 


Penetration of one's tongue (or any body part) is not always for the purpose of arousal but rather the result of it, and/or to enhance it once it's there. Men aren't capable of penetrative sex before they're aroused, so why attempt to penetrate a woman (her mouth or anywhere else) before she is? The wise move is to dance around those natural boundaries first, touching, stroking, tickling, teasing, pressing, rubbing, massaging, and oh-so-gently-sucking until she INVITES you inside. Turn her on with your warm, soft flesh + some practiced finesse until she's aching for your tongue (or whatever body part you're working). 


To be blunt, shoving your tongue in my mouth before warming me up with a series of soft, sensual, erotic kisses is akin to shoving something else somewhere else with no notice or preparation. It's rude. It's amateurish. It's unpleasant.



Soft lips, slightly parted, pressed and/or slid lightly across my own, even "mushing" them a little makes for a tender, romantic, erotic, sensual, hot kiss. And while "less tongue, more lip" may sound simple the key to great technique is to avoid using your lip muscles. Use jaw muscles instead, and be subtle about it, please. There is no reason to have your mouth "open" per se, lips merely parted is ideal. Remember to keep them soft and relaxed, which goes for the tongue too. In fact, consider leaving your tongue out of it entirely at first. Moisture will appear on its own, you needn't help it along, and if you get the initial kissing right you'll have plenty to occupy it soon enough. 


To sum up:



kiss softly and slowly

relax your lip muscles, as in seriously relaxed, like induced coma level of relaxed

use jaw muscles to move your mouth around (not lips)

relax your lips!

press lightly (don't pucker), then you may suck lightly from your jaw/throat area

pretend to form the letter M repeatedly (and slowly)



pucker (press only)

wield your tongue like some sharp, steely flag pole in a crazed Oklahoma-style land grab

crush my lips (otherwise I'm not being allowed to kiss, so much as having one forced upon me)

suck and twist my tongue until you sprain it

leave a wet ring around my mouth akin to circus clown makeup

form the letter P (NO PUCKERING)


Finally, the above instruction refers to the kind of kissing that leads to something more, but once things heat up don't be surprised if most of these rules go out the window (and tongues get into all kinds of interesting places).

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