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Discretion, that is. Discretion "goes both ways" and I’m sorry to disappoint anyone anticipating titillating accounts of my heretofore sublimated bisexual tendencies (though worded like that it does sound kinda hot, right?). Alas, you’d be a quarter century too late, but if it makes you feel better I will say this:  I was barely out of my teens, her name was Natalie and when she broke my heart I rebounded briefly with Wendy who nursed me back to emotional and sexual health so I could proceed to launch brazenly and shamelessly into 25+ years of deep-seated, raging heterosexuality.

I’ll pause here so we can all picture that for a moment before moving on.


Okay, discretion. So, assuming we all know the “why” of it let’s launch into the “how.” For starters, I delete everything digital (emails, texts, contacts, pics, etc.) and shred all hard copies (mailing labels, return addresses, FedEx envelopes, etc) except greeting cards, which I adore (especially the glittery ones). I do not store phone numbers and I delete my call history frequently. My extremely short (and coded) contact list is comprised of only a few established, current patrons with whom I have regular, ongoing relationships (gents I see monthly or more). If I’ve only seen you once, or only see you once every 6 months, no tangible record of you exists in my possession. Even if you were my favorite, most fun and/or generous patron ever, if I haven’t seen you in 6 months the only evidence in existence is stored in my memory, too unreliable to be worth anything to anyone else ever.

That said, email is forever, cameras are everywhere (face recognition is a thing) and Big Brother is alive, well, and definitely kicking. Therefore it would be a thoughtful gesture (not to mention prudently self-serving) to extend the same courtesy of discretion to me. After all, Eliot Spitzer still has a viable career, doesn’t he? Now, guess what happened to Ashley Alexandra Dupré.

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