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A new client recently told me about a provider (no one I know) of the opinion that my website "isn't sexual enough.” My first reaction (after a good laugh) was Sexual enough for what?? Seriously, I just raised my honorarium for the 4th time in 2 years due to having too much business, so I'd say the implication is a little arrogant. Who says the standard industry marketing spiel represents me at all?

Not every companion needs or wants a hyper-sexual persona, an approach that would’ve scared off many of my best patrons from contacting me. In fact, I once had an argument with a long-term patron over my posting two topless pictures here, which (while tasteful) were images he thought neither dignified nor representative of who I am. In the end I decided he was right and deleted them (but not before he apologized for the unsolicited marketing advice, god love him).

Anyway, the new client also commented on how my “no reviews” policy has probably lost me “tons” of business, to which I responded by clarifying how much business I’d never have gotten in the first place, were I to allow public airing of such private details. I can’t state this emphatically enough, the type of men I see are disgusted by reviews. Any man who thinks this site isn't overtly sexual enough isn’t the type of man I'd enjoy (and in case this needs to be said, if I don’t enjoy him I don’t date him).

I’m not a "provider." What I am is an exceptional professional companion, a genuine modern-day courtesan available solely to discerning gentlemen for (usually) ongoing, (always) authentically intimate connections (minus their traditional restrictions).

It’s a niche. One in which I thrive because men drawn to my slightly offbeat site want a fun and fascinating date, not some hyped up, superficial, assembly line encounter. I’m not discounting what other ladies do (after all there’s a huge market for rudimentary work), but some men seek a deeper intimacy and those men quite like my website, thanks much.

One of the best (and most accurate) compliments I ever got was, "I love how elegantly dirty you are." So I'm quite sure were I to ever reveal more of my intrinsic sexuality here I’d end up with more attention than I could handle. But anyone who doesn’t understand that desire and intimacy go much deeper than that isn’t qualified to comment on my marketing. It's a little like a commercial actor telling a Shakespearean actor her audition wasn't "peppy enough." I'm not selling floor polish here, honey.

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