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I want to be sure my clients feel secure and safe, knowing I'm doing my best to protect them and myself during the pandemic. In that vein, for the duration of the pandemic my COVID-19 protocols are as follows:

  • take client's temperature upon arrival (w/ Braun ear thermometer) 
  • wash hands and use sanitizing spray upon arrival (both of us)
  • thoroughly sanitize my studio before and after every date
  • extreme low volume of dates
  • abide strict safety & quarantine policies during off hours (myself)

Obviously there's no 100% safe way to do this work, but with these protocols in place I minimize the risk for both of us as much as possible. 

I believe my limited volume & strict personal (off-hours) quarantine policy are the best things I do to protect myself and my clients. For what it's worth, I limit personal excursions to necessary errands only (groceries twice per month, in home workouts, no restaurants/bars, etc.). I don't expose myself to crowds (or even small groups of people) and I wear an N95 mask whenever not in my home or car. I take my own temperature and test my sense of taste & smell daily (and recommend the same for you).

Let's stay safe out there (for your sake as well as mine), while also enjoying and making the most of this short life while we have it. 

I believe intimacy & companionship to be essential activities, a half step below food & shelter (if that). Not everyone agrees with me there ... but not everyone has what it takes to spend intimate time with me. ;) 

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