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So it looks like I'm available to see a few clients again, at least in the short term.

While this crazy pandemic actually hasn't affected me much personally (as a writer I'm holed up alone at home most of the time anyway, chained to my laptop for months on end) it has affected one source of my income to a degree that the fallout has finally trickled down to me. 

Such is life! I'd intended to relaunch the coaching practice I'd started in 2016 this summer anyway (after being on hiatus focused on writing & producing projects since last spring). So while I slowly get that going I'll have time for the occasional date. As terrible as I feel for everyone being more adversely affected right now, I have to say I'm truly delighted to come out of retirement temporarily. The break was nice, to be honest, as I'd worked full-time as a companion through my early/mid-40s, and part time for 3 more years without a break. While I don't expect to ever go back to full-time, I really have missed the work and especially my favorite long-term patrons. 

I expect this situation to last through the summer, though probably longer. I can't say for sure, since my coaching practice could take longer to rebound, or take off like a shot like it did back in 2016 when I overnight went from 2 clients per month to 3-4 that per week. 

Anywho... this website is still set to disappear come October, or sooner for all I know. My webmaster is still AWOL and her server could up and die before my site's annual renewal comes about (which I'm incapable of processing due to the bizarrely AWOL webmaster thing), at which point it will promptly go offline.

In the meantime, I'm building a new one to takeover and stay up as long as I continue on as a companion (and then some, for posterity's sake, of course). You'll find me at www.OhCeciliaDahl.com any day now (just add my last name to the original URL), and of course here, www.OhCecilia.com, for as long as this site stays up.

Please feel free to email me at either address on my Contact page (gmail will reach me faster, though if you have major privacy concerns protonmail will usually reach me within 24hrs).

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