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I'm posting this quickie update solely because my webmaster is AWOL and no one knows what's happened to her. My day job website is also with her and I've just found out it's been down for 2 weeks. Her emails all bounce back and no one's heard from her in months. I fear and expect this site to go down soon as well. So here's a quick update for now, before all traces of OhCecilia disappear for good.

Life is pretty sweet right now and has been for a year. I spend most of my time writing and just moved into a spectacular new home. I don't expect to ever escort again (though who knows for sure as I have said that before, lol). Anyway, as much as I can sense these things, let's say it truly looks as if I've retired.

This is as rushed a post as I've ever written, and with 4-5 separate blogs under my belt I have written MANY. I've mentally started a hundred "Good-bye" posts over the past 6 months, so this is not nearly as inspired and eloquent as I would have hoped. But again, just in case this site disappears soon, hopefully some of you wonderful gents will know how much my time here meant. How grateful I am for you and how fortunate I will always feel for the nearly 10 amazing years I spent knowing you as Cecilia. 

If I can I shall post a better, longer Good-bye letter soon. I like to think things happen for a reason so if this site disappears before then I'll try to see it as a cosmic push forward. There's just so much to say and I'm rather overwhelmed at the moment. For what it's worth I fully intend to write a book about my years in the demimonde. Mandy, Sweet P, and G Dawg especially will feature prominently... but all of you have affected me, in countless positive ways.

Love to you all,

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