Supply & DemandCategory: General   Apr 17th 2012  07:46PM   4

Today I made a slight increase in my honorarium. This was a decision based solely on issues of supply & demand, since demand is up and yet my resources remain at a constant. Having a finite amount of time and energy is no excuse to ever engage in this work feeling less than my best. All my patrons (as well as the occasional new client) deserve my total attention and abundant affection, every time, no exceptions.

I feel so incredibly grateful for every gent with whom I've developed a special relationship over the last two years, yet if I'm to continue nurturing those connections that have brought so much to my life, I have to maintain a healthy balance in it. This includes yoga & exercise, proper rest, a sliver of a social life, and (perhaps most importantly) the continued pursuit of my artistic endeavors. As of this year, for the past four months or so, I've had precious little time for the latter, hence the rate increase (though all recent bookings confirmed at my previous rates will be honored at the old rates, of course).

Thanks for understanding. In fact, thanks for everything. This is the kind of dilemma every companion should have! 

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