Same Story; Different SettingCategory: General   Nov 7th 2015  12:20PM   0

I read recently in the Atlantic about the NY Feds sending a message to Wall Street in a closed door meeting: "Clean up your act." Seemed like a fair message. Also wholly ineffective without a plan of action to back it up. 

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Grow a PairCategory: General   Nov 6th 2015  11:56AM   0

Years ago, I read on a popular sex worker forum (in their private section for ladies/providers only), a string of escort complaints about clients' gross toenails, scaly heels, and unsightly and even dangerous feet. (With long jagged toenails, one wrong move and you can scratch or break your partner's skin, which is not only unspeakably disgusting, but according to this thread, happens more than you’d think.) The ladies compared note

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Thought For the DayCategory: General   Oct 21st 2015  11:16AM   0

Here's one reason it's cool to be me. I genuinely love my work and make a great living at it, but even when things are slow and I go weeks w/out a date, there are perks to being a courtesan. 

Going without physical intimacy for long periods of time makes me extra horny. Being extra horny makes me feel extra alive. For the record, it's also damn frustrating and one reason it sucks to be me.

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PrinciplesCategory: General   Oct 13th 2015  10:51AM   0

I spend a lot of time thinking about principles. A specific list of core principles is a great tool to guide one through the complexities of life. Whenever I'm unsure which direction to turn or position to take, whenever I'm at all unclear about my feelings on an issue, I whittle it down to its core principle and immediately know where I stand.

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HappinessCategory: General   Sep 27th 2015  09:02AM   0

It's important to have something to look forward to. For some people, sensitive types or those prone to depression, it's vital.

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DiscernmentCategory: General   Sep 18th 2015  08:44PM   0

One reason my experience as a companion has been so overwhelmingly positive is that I eliminate most headaches before they start. I'm discerning and a good judge of character. I pick up on clues other people miss. Everyone has their strengths and that is one of mine. It doesn't hurt to be 47 years old, an age by which an observant woman has learned to spot asshats at a thousand paces. 

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Beginning of the EndCategory: General   Jul 18th 2015  06:00PM   0

I booked a 72 hour date for this weekend that I ended early, after 24 hours. The situation did not meet my standards and my every effort to change or improve it failed. I left because I value my self-respect, and if I intend to keep it I had no choice. 

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Rabbit FailCategory: General   Jul 5th 2015  10:08AM   0

I'm 2 chapters into Holly Madison's tell-all about life as Hugh Hefner's #1 (now ex-) girlfriend and pretty disappointed in it.

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Summer ScheduleCategory: General   Apr 29th 2015  11:45AM   0

Looks like I'll be taking a little time off this summer, starting mid/late-June and possibly through July.

New clients who'd hoped to meet me during that time, or regular clients expecting me to be available as always, please consider booking a date for May or early/mid-June. I may be back in full swing by mid-July ... or not. It's impossible to say and I'd like to take full advantage of the next 6 weeks. 

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EmailCategory: General   Apr 21st 2015  10:33AM   0

I've always been a little obsessive about email, in that I answer all or most of my inbox within 24 hours or less (usually much less). In my 30s I worked long hours in sales (often 50-60/week), yet even then managed to keep up and reply to all by 9 or 10pm. Every single day, bar none, for 10 years. 

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The ProgramCategory: General   Mar 17th 2015  07:22PM   0

This post is on a topic I usually avoid. One most people are excruciatingly confused about, but with which I have tremendous experience and also happened to save my life.

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Food & ShelterCategory: General   Mar 8th 2015  11:37AM   0

For convenience, a list of my favorite Austin hotels and restaurants: 

Boutique Hotels (near downtown):

St. Cecilia (preferred) or San Jose

Hotel Ella (previously the Mansion at Judges Hill)

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Phase 5?Category: General   Feb 24th 2015  06:51PM   0

One of my favorite moments* in this year's otherwise boring Academy Awards, was Julianne Moore's speech when she thanked her husband for giving her "a home." It moved me, the way she said it, so intense and heartfelt. Like she truly grasps how lucky she is for her marriage and her husband's love.

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Wildly Off BaseCategory: General   Dec 7th 2014  09:27AM   0

Cheryl Strayed is the author of "Wild" on which the new Reece Witherspoon movie is based. Though I enjoyed her book, I generally prefer memoirs with a little more insightful reflection and self-awareness ... but hey, that's just me. 

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Security & DiscretionCategory: General   Nov 17th 2014  07:18AM   0

Here's my version of a public service announcement: 

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