Cecilia Luxury Gentleman's Companion

About You

But enough about me.

You are honest, respectful, kind, affluent.

You may be happy-go-lucky or a bit high strung, super suave or socially awkward (which I tend to find charming) but you know how to treat a lady, in return for which you rightfully expect to be appreciated, cared for and desired. 

You want authenticity in your date, genuine warmth and affection. You crave the excitement of someone new as well as the comfort of commonality. You appreciate seduction as a natural outgrowth of emotional connection and intellectual stimulation. 

You deserve a woman as passionate about you as you are about her.

You are fragrance-free and impeccably groomed. You've no need for more than 1-2 cocktails with dinner (please note, I'm especially adamant about that on first dates) and are kind to waiters (even if they screw up). Your accommodations are 5 star, your car is clean and tidy (at least the passenger seat) and your nails have not one jagged edge.

You are not a "h0bbyist" (and ideally have no idea what the word means). To you, romance, intimacy, and passion are of a higher order. The company of an exceptional woman and the unfolding and melding of your selves over time, that is an elevated experience. It is a gift, in your mind, and one that makes life worth living.

You understand that female companionship is not a right, but a privilege. You are confident it's one you've earned.