Cecilia Luxury Gentleman's Companion

Austin, Dallas, Houston Dining & Travel Companion

I am not a "provider."
I'm a professional companion, intimacy expert, contemporary courtesan, and 
modern American Dame Entretenue.

I believe that intimacy—emotional & physical—makes life worth living. I practice uncompromising discernment in selecting my patrons, and prioritize ongoing relationships over frivolous trysts. I'm an experienced, exclusive luxury companion, available for lunch, dinner, and travel.

I'm authentic, passionate and responsive. I create sublime, memorable connections. Since these cannot be rushed, I invest time establishing chemistry & rapport. 

Getting to know each other is a vital component to genuine intimacy. My preference is to meet over drinks, dining, coffee—or any other standard date activity. (Invented for a reason, they serve a valid purpose. I'm just saying.)

I'm an accomplished artist, well-traveled & well-read. I prioritize a healthy lifestyle and it shows. When I'm not traveling with established patrons or meeting the rare new client, my days revolve around my art, yoga, and day job (in sex education). Having lived a very full life I understand how lonely & stressful it can be. My patrons enrich my world to such an extent I find great joy providing respite from their burdens.

Please note, while I consider all thoughtful requests I find the best chemistry with mature gents (age 50+).

Stats:  50 yrs old (most people guess <40) / 5' 5" / size 4-6 / natural B cup / natural strawberry-blonde / no body piercings / 1 small tattoo / 2 fabulous gams 

Also, I do not wear perfume or commercial fragrances (which are toxic) and appreciate the same of you.